1. Migrating V2. to V3. 9

Migrating Lists, ARs and BRs You Need Going Forward

1. Setup V3. 6

Setup SendReach V3. Account

2. Lists/Subscribers 15

Creating Lists & Managing Subscriber Records

3. Forms & Social Media 10

Optin Forms, Social Media Buttons, Optin via Facebook Posts

4. Campaigns 18

Regular Campaigns (Broadcasts) & Autoresponder Campaigns

5. Templates & Images 3

Managing the Content of Campaigns

6. Segmenting/Automation 4

Group and/or Move Subscriber Records for Ultimate Targeting

7. Client Accounts 1

Managing 3rd Party Client Fully Managed Accounts

8. Integrations 5

Integration with 3rd Party Applications

9. DYK Webinars 9

Access to Training Videos - SendReach & Email Marketing

10. Creating Good Emails 10

Creating Spam Filter/User Friendly Emails that will Inbox

11. Client Area / Back Office 2

SR Back Office - Knowledgebase & Support Ticket System

12. Other 0

All the Bits & Bobs!

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