2. Combined Facebook Button & Optin Form

With the amazing penetration of Facebook into the Online Community – independent estimates have 70% of the people online as holders of Facebook Accounts. Other estimates indicate that of those people online each day whose demographics indicate they are the most likely to Optin to a mailing List, 90% are Facebook Users.

It is obviously seriously advantageous to be able to make subscribing as User Friendly as possible to that huge section of the market.

The SendReach Combined Facebook / Optin Form is the obvious answer. Easy “OneClick” subscribing via Facebook for 90% of visitors OR conventional Optin for the remainder.


The Combined Form looks like the one above, minus the black border.

Click the Download Button above to download or copy and paste the HTML Code for the Combined Facebook “OneClick” Button / Form from the SendReach Setup website. Simply replace the two instances of xxxxxxxxxxxxx with your List ID available on the SR Dashboard – Lists > Your List > Overview > Optin Points > List ID copying the 13 characters as below.


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