7. Test and Seed Email Addresses

Many Email marketers use Test or/and Seed email adresses. The first is used to send test emails to, the second is added to a List on the assumption that if you received the email so did everyone else in your List. Such Seed emails are UNFORTUNATELY seldom opened.


As the Spam Filters deployed by the major Free Email Address providers record evermore factors concerning email delivery, one such new area is having a significant effect on the use of Test and Seed email addresses.


Using Bayesian Filters (take a quick look - you will be amazed) ISPs and Spam Filters are now making judgements based on the actions of the RECIPIENT -  NOT JUST the actions of the Sender and the style and content of their emails. When emails arrive for one of their email accounts, they record whether the recipient Opens it or not. After a few from any one Sender are not opened, they route future ones from that source to the Spam Folder and eventually even block them completely. Worse still, they then take actions/route emails based on the response of their whole User base to emails received from any one source.


That throws a whole new light on how to use Test and/or Seed email addresses, as if you do not open EVERY one the results WILL be feeding you false and misleading information and wrongly routing emails to the spam folder.


It is therefore recommended that you take four immediate actions.


1. Stop using ANY and EVERY email address you have been using either as a Test or Seed address as they will certainly have BAD history, as you will NOT have opened ALL of the emails sent to them, indeed many email marketers unfortunately never actually OPEN any emails received for those purposes.

2. Create as many new replacement addresses as you may need.

3. ONLY use those addresses as Test or Seed addresses

4. OPEN every single email sent to those addresses, AND click on any links as that improves the online reputation of the Sender (YOU).

5. NEVER send a test email with content that is not just as you would send it to your List. If you want to commit emailing suicide send a test broadcast with a subject line of "Test" and Content that just says "Just a test email". The Spam Filters mark down any emails that do not take 30 seconds to read - and the algorithms are entirely capable of detecting a "test" email and sending it to the Spam Folder, or even blocking it entirely.


The secret is to not do ANYTHING that would not occur in a normal Broadcast, otherwise you are just inviting a negative result and misleading information.

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