5. Clickable Links In Emails

The purpose of most Autoresponses and Broadcasts is to provide a link to a web page which can contain a whole range of information.


It may include a video, or download link, or a shopping cart, and may well be a sales pitch, etc. It should be noted however that the Sapm Filters that check your email go check out that web site, and if they perceive the content to be spammy they will reject your email as spam.


It is therefore a misconception that you can avoid the attentions of the Spam Filters by burying spammy material on a web page.


Spam Filters also pick up immediately on emails including too many links - and one with more than two links (one near the beginning - one nearer the end) to the same URL will be immediately marked down severely. Spam Filters mark down marketing emails of less than 150 words and for sure short emails should NEVER include more than one link.


More than two links to the same URL is also exceedingly annoying to the recipient too and is totally counter-productive in every way, and should therefore be avoided like the plague! Statistics show that over 70% of Spam complaints are concerning emails with multiple links.

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