4. The Taxi To Your Store

In Email Marketing what is the purpose of an email, be it an Autoresponse or a Broadcast.? You might think there is more than one answer, depending on just where it fits into your overall strategy, or even just what your particular strategy is.


The most successful Email Marketers know there should be only ONE purpose - and that is to have the recipient click a link leading to their web site. Your website should be your "Store" - where you want to impress, where your products are available for purchase, where you make your sale - the email is merely the "Taxi" to take your subscriber to visit your Store - it IS NOT in itself a "Store"!


Your email therefore needs to tempt the recipient to visit your Store - NOT try to emulate it or steal its thunder. Simplicity is therefore the key (not brevity) with the TEXT conveying the message in a way that makes it impossible to resist at least taking a peep into your Store.


When you obtain a new subscriber the first emails will be Autoresponses hopefully designed to create a relationship with your subscriber, because without that the subscriber will never have the confidence to do business with you. It will therefore be more about having your subscriber come to know who and what you are, what your beliefs and business ethics are, and what you are going to bring to the table that will benefit them, and the pages on your website that you route them to should iniially reflect that.


As the relationship develops so you will get engagement with the subscriber who will be looking forward to receiving your next email, which by now will probably be a Broadcast. Now as well as being a genuine nice guy, you also need to monetise that subscriber. But on an ongoing basis you will be providing worthwhile free content interspersed with your products.


The Spam Filters now look for "Engagement" between you and your recipients - by that they mean that your emails hold the recipient's attention for 30 seconds or more. To achieve that the content of your email should be a minimum of 150 words.


The Spam Filters are also becoming less tolerant of images in emails - and for many of our Users that is another reason for a rethink of strategy as having your emails routed to the Spam Folder is not only a waste of time, but worse it damages the online reputation of your Sending Email Address, the Sending Domain and the SendReach IP Addresses. Anything with more than 15% of the content being images is immediately treated as suspect, so starts from a negative place.

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