3. One Broadcast - Two Totally Different Results

How you construct your email – Subject Line and Content – will have a HUGE effect on your reponse rates. The Spam filters now not only allocate black marks to Spam words and phrases, but also in some ways even more so on the style and format.


Below are two versions of essentially the same Broadcast. In split testing to a large and reasonably responsive List the results were VERY different. Version 1 produced THREE times as many Clicks, the ultimate measure of an email’s success.


Whilst the first is really too short, the Spam Filters are particularly critical of emails that contain more than one link to any one URL, PARTICULARLY if the email takes less than 30 seconds to read (Circa 150 words), and immediately sieze on any that have any highlighted text – and even more so if the text is also a link.


Constructing Subject Line and Content in the correct way is not only essential to achieve good Open rates, but also to prevent the reputation with the Spam Filters of YOUR Sender Email Address and the Sendreach Mailing Domains and IP Addresses being irrevocably compromised.

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