16. Bounced Email Addresses

There are times when an Email is "Bounced" back by the recieving Email Server. This can happen for a number of reasons which are classified as either "Hard Bounces" or "Soft Bounces".

Hard Bounces

A hard bounce is when an email sent to a client is sent back because the email is permanently disabled. For example, someone gives you a fraudulent email address, types it in wrongly, or someone leaves a job and that email address is shut down. It could also be that the domain in question is not set up to receive emails. A hard bounce results in that Email Address being added to a SendReach Blacklist built up over many years. It is marked as unsubscribed in your List so that it will not be mailed to again as not only is it a waste of resources to mail to such Addresses, but it would also harm your online reputation as a Sender of marketing emails. (Gmail say the average life of a Gmail Email Address is only 6 months!).

Soft Bounces

A soft bounce is when an email appears to be good but the email is bounced back to the sender. There can be a number of causes of this, the recipient's email address quota is full, or an auto response like an out of office, or sorry this person doesn't work here anymore. It could have been the recipient server was down or the message was too large for the recipient's Inbox. The system will attempt to resend a Soft Bounced email 3 times over a period of 24 hours, and if accepted its status is updated to Delivered. If mailing to an Email Address results in 5 consecutive Soft Bounces the Address is marked as Unsubscribed in your List.

NOTE: In neither case is the email address in question deleted from your List as doing so would open the way for it to be used again to subscribe - losing its Unsubcribe status in the process.

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