15. Campaign Stats

Detailed information is collected concerning what happened as a result of sending either a “Regular Campaign” or an “Autoresponder”.

The information is displayed for each Campaign and can be exported as .csv files.



This was an information only Newsletter so no Clicks.






Footer Links only in this one.



An overall Starts Report can be Exported as .csv File as below.

If you are “Merging” Lists to mailout with no duplicates on a regular basis the merged Lists
soon build up and need to be deleted. It is essential to remember that if you are Merging Lists
for mailing in that way, you have to “Merge” the Lists each time you mail out or new
Subscribers would not be included in that next mailout.

When you delete a List – merged or not – the Stats of any Campaigns sent to that List are
also automatically deleted. IF you want to preserve Stats history then Export the overall
Stats as below before deleting the List.


Finally there is a World Map showing the locations of Opens – Clicks – Unsubscribes.



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