8. Recording Opens and Clicks

Opens and Clicks are recorded in the Stats, but in the case of Clicks does not give you the data in a format that can be used Segmenting for future Campaigns.

To be able to send a Campaign to those who clicked a link in a previous Campaign you have to first set up Custom Fields to record whether a subscriber has Clicked the link in that previous Campaign or not, and then set up “Conditions” to change a default “No” value to a “Yes” value if they did.

It is also useful to record who did, and who did not, Open a previous Campaign.

In “Lists” > Your List > Custom Fields set up two Fields as below.

OpensClicks2Then in “Campaigns” > Your Campaign > “Setup” you add the Field and Value for Opens.


In Campaign Setup now Select the Field “Opened” and set the Field Value to “Yes”. When anyone Opens your Campaign the default value of “No” will be automatically changed to “Yes”. You will then be able to send a Campaign to just those with EITHER “Yes” or “No” in that field.

You then need to repeat that for the field recording “Clicks”.

You then need to setup two “Segments” in “List” > Your List > “Segments”, one for those that DID Click your Campaign and one for those that did NOT Click your Campaign.


OpensClicks4The Segment can be set in “Campaigns” > Your Campaign > “Details” as below. If your first Campaign has already gone out it will hopefully not indicate (0 Subscribers) in the Segment! Had you selected the other Segment then the Camapign would go to those who had NOT Opened your initial Campaign.

OpensClicks6Having once created a List with these additional functions you can always Copy that List (cc) which only copies the Setup – then you do not have to go through that Setup process over and over again.

You can select to only send a Regular Campaign to “Opens” or “NotOpens” in Campaigns > Your Campaign > Confirmation – providing of course the List in question has already been sent a Campaign.

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