3. Scheduling a Regular Campaign

The function of Scheduling a Regular Campaign (Broadcast) is quite straight forward and is based on the Timezone setting you select in the Account Settings for your SR V. account. So if you live in NewYork and you selected GMT-4.00 – America/New York and you set a Campaign to go out at 08:00 the it would go out at 08:00 New York time, ( GMT-4).  Someone in Sydney would have selected GMT+10 – Australia/Sydney and if they set a Campaign to go out at 08:00 it would go out at 08:00 Sydney time, (GMT+10). So even though both were set at 08:00 they would go out 14 hours apart.

One thing that HAS to be remembered is that if Scheduling a Campaign, even for later in the same day, you MUST select Date in the date picker to access the settings for Hours and Minutes.

Campaigns > Update Campaign > Details > Setup > Template > Confirmation gets you to the view below.

You then click “Send Campaign” – as below.


It is then queued to sent at the Date/Time selected and is shown as such in “Campaigns” view as below.


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