2. Creating Regular Campaigns (Broadcasts)

There is a difference in SR. V3. to V2 – instead of Autoresponses and Broadcasts being entirely seperate (they are behind the scenes) so far as the User is concerned both are created in the same Editor and then one Selects “Rugular” for it to be a Broadcast or “Autoresponder” for an Autoresponse.

Content can either be created in the Editor, or copied and pasted from another source OR imported from a URL. In that function the system kinda hoovers up all the HTML code of the web page you directed it to and dumps it into the Editor – there you can modify/add whatever you wish.

The Main Campaign Template (used for creating both Regular and Autoresponder Campaigns)  is a HTML Editor and for those inclined to do so, one can create documents directly into the HTML Source view. For the majority who not work directly in HTML it is necessary to insert one of a choice of Templates that create the appropriate underlying structure for adding Text and Images.

There is a growing choice of Templates available in Main Dashboard > Templates > Gallery. You can automatically ulpoad any that you may want to use to your own “My Templates” folder which makes them instantly accessible from the Main Campaign Template.

“Basic Template 1” creates the area for Content (text and/or images) and adds the mandatory Unsubscribe and Report Abuse links and physical address. “Basic Template 2” also adds some explanatory text which can be edited if required. Therefore, even for the simplest of text only emails at least one of those Basic Templates should be inserted to create the necessary structure.

There are more sophisticated Templates available in the Gallery for Newsletters etc.

To create a New REGULAR Campaign:-

Click “Save and Next” to move on to “Setup”.

“Save and Next” takes us to “Template” as below.

There is a Gallery of Templates – and a “My Templates” folder in which you can store the ones you want to use.

Basic Template 1

Basic Template 2 includes some text as below.



NOTE: The Spam Filters and BlackLists are severally penalising emails that have the footer text and URLs forced down the page out of site by putting blank lines in after the content. WHY? Because it is a practice used by people sending SPAM. If you are doing it that means YOU!

In future, any SendReach User doing so will have their Account terminated as sending Spam contravenes our Terms of Use – one warning is all any User will get.

“Save and Next” takes you to the “Confirmation” page from where you can send the Email, scheduling ahead if that is what is required, or save to Send later.

Regular Campaigns Broadcasts) can be scheduled to go out in the future – based on the Timezone you selected in your Account Settings.

At this poinbt you can also choose to only send the Campaign to those Subscribers that DID or DID NOT open a previous Campaign.

You can send a Test Campaign to one or more email addresses as below.

The “Test” send includes the Campaign Name with the Subject line in your email client so you know exactly which one you are checking – as below.

Campaigns listing.

Before Campaings can be sent the domain (the Email Address Domain) from which they will be sent has to be verified as yours (as below) – or it is one of the Free Email Addresses such as  Yahoo etc. in which case it does not need to be verified. (Gmail addresses are not allowed as Spam Blacklists are allocating a negative score of 5 on all senders of bulk emails sent from such an address)


The listing of Campaigns can be searched in various ways to instantly find one Campaign or a Group of Campaigns.




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