1. Creating Campaign Groups

Campaigns can be allocated to Groups which work like Folders. That allows on to view just the Campaigns related to a Group – could be – Product or Service – or a Niche – or a Customer.





Once a Campaign has been “Sent” or an Autoresponse set to “Sending” then the Group it was allocated to cannot be changed. Should you need to do so then you will have to “Copy” the Campaign, re-allocate to the now appropriate Group and Save. If it was an Autoresponder you will need to delete the original and set the new one to “Send”.It is a good idea to have a Group for storing what proved to be good content when previously sent to your Lists - maybe called Campaign Gallery.

Then, whenever the Stats show that the Campaign generated a good response, just "Copy" the Campaign and assign the copy to the "Campaign Gallery" Group. You never know when those Campaigns can either be sent again at a later date - or equally importantly prove to be the necessary inspiration for a new Campaign.

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