10. Forwarding Variable to Re-Direct Page

Forwarding Variables to a Re-Direct Page is achieved by adding the variable field Tags to the Re-Direct URL in “Lists” > Your List > “Pages” > “Select another List Page to Edit” > “Subscription Confirmed”.

NOTE: On WordPress sites you need to add a Free Plugin called “Insert PHP” in order that the PHP code can work. Just search for “Insert PHP” and it is usually the top one as in:-


After that just proceed as per this example:-[EMAIL]&first_name=[FNAME]&last_name=[LNAME] as below:-

Variables1From the drop down Meny to the right select the Page “Subscription Confirmed”.


You now enter the Re-Direct URL for the page that replaces the “Subsciption Confirmed” message – adding the Variable Tags as required.

Variables3You need to have suitable code in your Re-Direct Page to pickup and display the Variables – either to simply personalise the Page or maybe to pre-populate a form with existing Subscriber data along with fields requesting futher details – maybe full physical address.

The Download Link above gives the code to personalise the Re-Direct Page with First Name or/and Last Name, so one could say Dear Fred, or whatever you require.

To display the data in a pre-populated form on a Re-Direct Page the script / code available via the Download Link above can be easiliy modified to suit individual needs by adding or removing fields.

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