7. Subscribe / Optin Buttons

Some people prefer to have a button on their web page which when clicked opens a Subscribe Form, rather than having the Form visible all the time.

Using the “Subscribe Form” URL as illustrated below, one can build that into an   a href   Attribute and add an image to create a Subscribe Button – clicking which will open a Subscribe Form. The URL below is at Lists > Your List > Pages

There are two images available on the setup site that you can use, or of course you can use your own. The Download Links contain the relevant code.





You just need to insert YOUR List Subscribe Form URL in each case to replace the XXXX

When someone clicks the button, completes the Subscribe Form and clicks Subscribe, you can either allow the default “Subscribe Confirmed” message to be displayed or return the Subscriber instantly to the web page on which you have your “Subscribe” button displayed (or any other page you choose to send them to). To return them to the web page insert the URL to that page in the field as below.






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