3. Facebook Optin Buttons

With the number of people using Facebook per DAY now approaching 1 billion – by far the biggest Social Media Platform – its importance to those in Email Marketing cannot be over emphasised.

Whilst 1 billion is only some 14% of the world’s population, it is 70% of the people online per day! Wow, that is VERY significant, and even more so as it is now estimated that due to the demographics of the people most likely to subscribe to a List, over 90% of them will have a Facebook Account.

Having the Demographic Data – Best Email Address – First Name – Last Name – City – State – Country – Age – Gender provides the basis for the advanced functionality of SendReach V3. to be used to its full potential.

As you might imagine, we at SendReach have been frantically working away in the background re-creating the functionality of the range of Facebook “One Click” Optin Buttons we had in V2. – not an easy task – but our FB guru has come up trumps again.

You can download the code for each of these Facebook Buttons ready to paste directly into your web page, just replace the xxxxxxxxxxxx with the Facebook Subscribe Link copied from Lists>Your List>Optin Points>Social Optin














Would suggest preceding the next three with a comment such as “Just Like us on Facebook to Subscribe”




Typical Facebook Subscriber Record facilitating segmenting on Age, Gender, Country, State, City.


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