1. Subscribe / Optin Forms

In Lists > Your List > Pages > Manage you can Edit the various System Pages / Messages / Emails some of which relate to Optin Forms as they can be displayed or sent in cjunction with an Optin Form. The first displayed is called “Subscribe Form” – it isn’t a subscribe form but it is the text that goes in the header part of the Form and is Editable – different language if you like! Or no Text at all – your choice.

The first is included in Lists > Your List > Pages > Manage > Subscribe Form.




The [LIST_NAME] Tag can be removed if you wish and the opening Text Edited – to another language if required! The screen shot above show the default settings and the one below another potential setup.


The resulting Optin Form is fully responsive so adjusts automatically for viewing on different devices.


Lists > Your List > Optin Points is where you find the actual Forms, including the unique SendReach Social Media Optin which is available at Lists > Your List > Optin Points > Social Optin > Facebook SubscribeLink

Alternatively there is an iFrame Subscribe Form accessible via Lists > Your List > Optin Points > View > iFrame



As can be seen above, “Embed List Forms” includes the basic HTML Code for a Subscribe Form. This is suitable for using in Integrations that require Basic HTML Form Code, just delete the Code for any fields not required.

The Code automatically does not display any fields you had set as “Hidden” in Custom Fields Setup.


This HTML Code can be used with whatever Styling Attributes you may want to use, and simplistic Form Style and Div Attributes can be downloaded using the Download Link above.

Social Media Optin

The “Optin Points” page includes a Tab for “Social Optin” providing SRs unique Optin Options using Social Media. The Link below provides Facebook “OneClick” Optin.

It can be using in conjunction with a choice of Facebook Buttons available at or at as a combined Facebook and normal Subscribe Form providing the ultimate Optin Choice.



The Download Link above contains the code for the combined Optin Form as below – without the black border:-


Social Optin now also includes the facility for placing “OneClick” buttons directly into your Facebook Posts – setup is as below.


The whole image is in fact clickable and clicking it automatically harvests the visitors FB Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Age and Gender. The images are available at

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