2. Creating a List

SendReach Portal

The “Settings” in Lists are VERY List specific, making it particularly suitable for offering Fully Managed Email Marketing Services to 3rd party clients.

Your personnal and Company details are automatically added (from Account Settings) to the setup of each List, and when necessary you simply replace that data with whatever is required – 3rd party client maybe – or another Company of your own.

In each List you can create as many custom fields as you wish, and the system automatically caters for whatever fields may be included in a List being imported from another source. You can filter on ANY field to create mailing segments. So you could filter on State – City – Gender  to get all men in Dallas. Or all women over 30 in Washington DC who are interested in keeping fit.

Campaigns can be either Autoresponders OR Broadcasts. They are classified as Regular (Broadcasts) OR Autoresponders.

The segments created can be saved for future use if you wish (the setup of the Segment – not the resulting segmented Subscribers). If you mailout to more than one List in one mailout the resulting combined List is automatically de-duped and saved. It is there for instant future use, or can be deleted – your choice.

Sophisticated Automation is catered for, with many built in alternatives – what if, when, before, after etc. etc.

The following illustrated guidance takes you through creating a new List. In “Lists” Select “Create New”.

Just click on any field for a popup with a description of the firlds purpose.


The List “Name” and “Display Name” are for internal use only – “Description is however displayed in various system messages so should be created with that in mind.



Subscriber Redirect above is not the normal redirect – that is covered further down in Pages.

With this one – IF a Subscribers Status is anything other than “Confirmed” (Unconfirmed – Unsubscribed – Blacklisted) – then if they Open a Campaign they would be redirected to this URL.

Application 1 – IF you were using Double Optin you could send an Autoresponse immediately anyone subscribes – including a Link to a Free Offer or whatever – but if the Subscriber had not clicked “Confirm” in the Confirmation Email their Status would still be “Unconfirmed” in the List and therefore they would be ReDirected to this URL instead of the page including the Link giving access to your Free Offer.

Application 2 – If for ANY reason a Subscriber’s Status is no longer “Confirmed” they can no longer access an existing Link and would be ReDirected.

When a Subscriber subscribes to the List you can automatically remove them from any other one or more Lists that they may be already subscribed to, as below.

Lists are shown in the order in which they are created but can be searched for very easily as below.

As below, you can Add new Subscriber Records or Edit existing ones – in “Subscibers” – “View”.

To add a Subscriber.

The Search boxes take you to any Subscriber Record you need.

Update an existing Subscriber Record.

Segment rules can be set in “Segments” to filter a part of a List for mailing – maybe those who HAVE Opened a previous email – or NOT Opened!

Or based on Location – or Gender – or Age.


This is POWERFUL segmentation – the only real limitation is your ingenuity in gathering data in custom fields on which to base the conditions. When you create a segment it is saved as a seperate List. You can retain it for future use, or delete, as you wish.

Tag below is the equivalent of a Shortcut Code – and HAS to be all Uppercase characters

This is an example of a drop down field with 4 options – only one can be chosen

There is no limit to how many Custom Fields you can create for any one List – they are List specific NOT SR User Account specific. The name and Tag must obviously be unique for each Custom Field. Custom Fields are included in the Subscribe Form (Optin Form), and can be visible or hidden to a Subscriber.

Subscriber records, including Custom Field data is then viewed Using the “Subscriber” – “View” tile – AND can be Edited – as below.

Pages are System Messages – all can be Edited to say what you want, and in whatever language you choose.

The various System Pages are available from the drop down List as below, and are all Editable to suit your application, which obviously accommodates any specific language requirements.

The Subscribe Form (Optin Form) is created here as below , and the code includes the List ID. The message that goes out is fully Editable.

The Subscribe Form URL, including the relevant List ID as below, can be incorporated is an a href Attribute to create a clickable Subscribe image such as a button. See http://setup.sendreach.com/forms/subscribe-buttons/ for the code.

The ReDirect URL is set here as below.

This is where a Re-Direct URL is entered – replacing a simple Thankyou message.

Above you can Edit the various System Pages that are available, including the Subscribe Form (Optin Form). The Tag [LIST_FIELDS] adds all the fields you have created in that List automatically (and set as Visible), and the result is as below.

The Optin Points function allows you to access the HTML Code for the Subscribe Form or the Facebook Button Code



This is an illustration of Custom Fields we created for the drop down list earlier.

The full Form HTML code including Custom Fields is not WordPress friendly so needs a little modification as illustrated below.

In your List “Embed List Forms” view copy the code above – including the code for any Custom Fields you may have created, and paste it into your WordPress Page – in HTML View.

The code above is suitable for 3rd pary Integrations where it is required that you enter the basic HTML Form Code as it does not contain any Style Attributes.

Now add the Style Attibutes as below, copying and pasting from the download link above.

The Import function is NOT intended for the importation of Lists from other sources without EXPRESS PRIOR approval from SendReach. Anyone flouting that requirement will have their SR Account terminated with NO right of appeal and NO possible right to any refund – both PayPal and Stripe have been forwarned of that stipulation.

Clicking “Import” and “View” above opens the CSV tile – click Select to Import to select the csv file off your HD.

Green Progress Bar shows you progress of the import.


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