10. API Documentation

SendReach provides the facility for Users to integrate their Account in SendReach with their Account in other 3rd Party Applications, in order that data may be gathered from various other sources, and to automate certain functions.

The specification of the necessary interface is detailed in the SendReach API, which has been designed to be simple yet robust, and is available to download below.


We cannot set up the interface for integration within 3rd party Applications – only provide the means for that to be implemented by the 3rd party Application themselves utilising the SendReach API interface. They will usually do so at the request of mutual Users of their Application and SendReach.

When the 3rd Party Application creates their necessary interface, they will require that you copy and paste a SendReach API App Key/ID and App Secret into their integration setup fields. They are created in your SendReach Account as illustrated in http://setup.sendreach.com/setup/app-key-and-secret/and are not only specific to your account, but also to just one 3rd party Application.

If you have any further questions then please contact our support department via the SendReach Support Ticket System.

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