6. Update Existing V2. Optin Form to V3.

Existing SendReach V2. Optin Forms can be updated to forward the new subscriber data to your V3. account – whilst retaining any Styling Attributes you had in the V2. Optin Form.

The Styling Attibutes are retained, but the remainder of the code is replaced by code from within the specific List setup from your V3. account as below.

Only delete the portion of code as outlined above as that is the only part that is concerned with collecting and forwarding subscriber data – any other code is Styling the form so do not delete that.

You can control the width of the form fields by adding size=”37″ or whatever width you want – immediately after  value=”” in each input line of code.

The result can be as simple or sophisticated as your original V2 Form as below. Those fields are 37 pixels wide.


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